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Portfolio of selected documents for print projects

Cover of SHAPE Briefing

SHAPE Briefing

I came up with the inital layout for this first in a series of documents in Adobe InDesign CS3. The series presents results from the SHAPE survey and the reports are aimed at policy makers and program managers in and out of government. A project team reviewed and modified slightly the design.

Cover from Steppin' Out 2007 program

Steppin' Out with Lex-Ham 2007 program

I designed this program in Adobe InDesign CS3 for a fund-raiser gala event for Lex-Ham Community Arts.

Cover page from the program for The Fantasticks

Program for Lex-Ham Community Theater's production of The Fantasticks

I designed this program in Adobe InDesign CS2 for a Lex-Ham Community Theater production. The logo is the official one from The Fantasticks.

Spanish post card

Spanish post card

I created this design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS3 for a postcard to be mailed to a Spanish-speaking population. I tried to capture the colorful spirit of the Hispanic/Latino culture.

East Hastings logo

East Hastings T-Shirt

I created this design using Adobe Illustrator CS3 for a T-shirt. The idea came from the Canadian TV series, Slings and Arrows. East Hastings was a fictitious hit musical featured on the show. I had to create the font for the East Hastings logo from a still photo from the show.

Before and after shots of basement

Color correction of photos

I have corrected the color and lighting of many photos using Adobe Photoshop CS3..

Logo for The Memorandum

Logo for the Lex-Ham Community Theater's production of The Memorandum

I created this design for a graphic logo for the Lex-Ham Community Theater production of the play, The Memorandum by Václav Havel, by first taking the photo of my own old typewriter. I then edited the photo in Photoshop CS3 and added the play title using a typewrite font I thought was appropriate.

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Last update: 2007/11/12